About Me

OK, Mrs. Kossenfloffer isn’t actually my real name. When I was a young girl, my mother called me Mrs. Kossenfloffer while she washed my hair. (She did this with my two older sisters also.) We pretended  I was a busy mother of 10 who was at the salon for some much needed “alone time.” She would ask me about my day and I would answer as if I was a stressed out caretaker of 10 young children. I would say, “Oy, my oldest is giving me such trouble. That one, he’s into everything.”  I loved slipping into my Mrs. Kossenfloffer persona. It was so much fun pretending to be a grown up at the salon.
I’ve named my blog “Mrs. Kossenfloffer” in honor of my mom. She loved to laugh and to make people laugh. I will  always be thankful for her humor.

My mom — what’s she drinking?

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