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Figgy Piggy Chicky

Chicken breasts stuffed with fig preserves, serrano ham, brie and sage

If you are in the market for a convenient yet impressive make-ahead dish, look no further. The chicken (chicky) is filled with fig preserves (figgy) serrano ham (piggy), brie and fresh sage for a true flavor explosion. For the full recipe, see the next page.


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Commander Tso’s Cod

Celebrate the Chinese New Year on Jan. 25 with this better-than-take-out twist on a classic.

According to The New York Times General Tso’s chicken is not really named for Tso Tsungt’ang, a 19th-century general. Although, he is believed to have enjoyed the dish, this ubiquitous offering traces its roots to Peng Chang-kuei, a chef who created the dish in 1950s Taiwan. Later, when he moved to the United States in 1973, he brought his recipe along with him. Once here, he sweetened it to appeal to Americans.

Here I have replaced the chicken with cod and toned down the sweetness just a bit. But feel free to add more sugar if you like. And because I love a good alliteration, I’ve named it Commander Tso’s Cod — after no one in particular.


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Veggie Korma

Veggie Korma

This recipe was inspired by Follow her on the Insta for vegan inspiration. I am not a vegan, but I am down with a vegan meal every now and then (more now than then). Korma is traditionally a creamy curry that uses yogurt or cream or both. Here, I used coconut milk to keep it in the vegan column. I served this with some killer homemade naan. My kitchen looked like a smoke bomb went off, but it was worth it.

This curry is great with mango chutney or some yogurt raita or both. I am a slave to condiments. Obviously, no raita for vegans unless you make it with non-dairy yogurt which would probably be really good.



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Tortellini Vegetable Soup

Tortellini soup

This is a great one pot dinner that comes together super fast. Or shall I say souper fast. Forgive me. You can load this soup up with any veggies you like in soup. I used green beans, carrot and spinach (onions and garlic of course) and cheese tortellini. The full recipe is on my site (link in bio too). I know  I mentioned that this is a one pot meal, but I feel the need to reiterate that point. On a busy weeknight this soup that feels like a meal can be your friend